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* Tengaboys are not Medical Practitioners
* This write-up is based on feedbacks received
SEX TOY for ERCTILE DYSFUNCTION TENGABOYS.com has been selling ‘TENGA” MALE MASTURBATOR products since 2008.
Over the years we had sold ‘Tengas’ to various age group customers ranging from the age 21 to 70 years old.
Out of the numerous customers, we have had questions posed to us by people who are suffering from “Erectile Dysfunction”.
We are not medical practitioners and hence we are not in the position to answer any of the medical questions posed by them.
Usual Questions: 1. Will the Tenga toy help solve erectile dysfunction? 2. If I can’t get an erection, will the tenga toy help me to solve the problem? Tengaboys.com started to seek for feedbacks from Tenga users who had purchased the products from us and are suffering from ‘Erectile Dysfunction’ problems. We estimate that we had sold about 60 Tenga Toys to this group of people. These estimates are based on age group ranging from 60yrs-70yrs and from those who had declared to us regarding about their ‘Erectile Dysfunction’ problem. We only managed to get feedback from 12 users of the ‘Tenga white flip hole” and 4 users of the “Tenga Onacups”; These are their feedbacks ( “Tenga White Flip Hole” ) 1. It works for me 2. It didn’t solve my problem 3. I am happy with the product 4. I think the product needs some modifications and users of “Tenga Onacups” 1. It doesn’t work for me Tengaboys till to date doesn’t have any concrete data except for the few feedbacks that we have received. This process of getting feedback is on-going and we will update this post as soon as we get some concrete information. We also welcome feedbacks from people who are suffering from “erectile dsfunction” on what has really helped them in solving their problem. For feedbacks please write to us at erd@tengaboys.com * All personal particulars will be kept confidential*
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